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Volunteer at our foundation and help those who need it most.

Voluntariado Internacional en Nicaragua - Intercambios de cartas


¡Tus habilidades pueden cambiar el mundo!. Sé voluntario en nuestra fundación y ayudá a los que más lo necesitan.

International Volunteering

International volunteering, providing various opportunities in the second poorest country in Latin America.

Aimed at all those people in the world who want to contribute with their experiences and knowledge to strengthen the Hogar Luceros del Amanecer Civil Foundation in Nicaragua.

Main volunteer actions:

  • English, music, dance, sports, computing,
  • Psychology and Social Work,
  • Maternal and Child and Nursing
  • Project management, web and social networks.

What do we do?

First, we seek to establish a connection with people from all over the world to improve capabilities, strengthen the project and facilitate the possibility of sharing professional, work, and cultural exchanges with people who have a very different sociocultural position from ours.

Secondly, this project is oriented to social service, our purpose is to support comprehensive education for the boys and girls of Hogar Luceros del Amanecer.

In addition, to offer each volunteer the possibility of getting to know different territories and tourist places in our city and the country in general.


  • 98% of the children we serve were absent from the school system.
  • No opportunities to attend a study center.
  • Without possibilities and probabilities to attend to their education.

Through the foundation, you have the opportunity to sponsor a girl or boy. First of all, the objective of the program is to reinforce the impact. Secondly, it seeks to ensure quality in key areas such as education, nutrition, comprehensive health, personal growth and family strengthening.

Agreements with International Universities

  • If you are a student, you can volunteer through your university. Additionally, if your institution is not on the following list, please write to us to exchange more information and learn the necessary procedures.
Voluntariado Internacional en Nicaragua
Voluntariado Internacional en Nicaragua
Voluntariado Internacional en Nicaragua
Voluntariado Internacional en Nicaragua

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Frequently asked questions about Volunteering

What is International Volunteering?

International volunteering is contributing to projects abroad, supporting communities and sharing experiences, promoting development and global understanding.

What is volunteering abroad?

Volunteering abroad is participating in international projects to support communities. Furthermore, it is a synonym for International Volunteering.

What are the benefits of International Volunteering?

Offers the opportunity to learn:

  • About new cultures,
  • develop intercultural skills
  • contribute positively to global well-being.

Plus, it can enrich your resume and make meaningful connections..

What actions or activities will I do as an International volunteer?

  • Help poor children.
  • Contribute to the environment.
  • Integrate into hospitals in developing countries, natural disasters.

What type of International Volunteering Exists?

  • Individual volunteers.
  • Groups.
  • In family.
  • For Corporate and companies.
  • For university students.

How Does International Volunteering Work?

First, international volunteering works through organizations that connect volunteers with projects abroad. Secondly, volunteers offer their time and skills to support local initiatives, promoting sustainable development and intercultural understanding.

For example: We are International Volunteering in Nicaragua. This means that we are a platform to help you participate in a Foundation.

We are a program of Fundación Hogar Luceros del Amanecer in Nicaragua.

Our main focus is:

Social projects,
maternal and child,
Comprehensive educational project.
Share your skills in classes: English, Singing, Computers, Piano, Folklores, among others.

Is it safe to travel to Nicaragua as an international volunteer?

Totally 100% safe. At the time of updating this website, in November 2023. We can assure you that the country is safe.

You can contact the director of the Luceros del Amanecer foundation to expand more details on this topic:, cell phone: +50585130995

Most tourist places in Nicaragua

First of all, Nicaragua is a land full of natural and cultural wonders. This country, known internationally, is presented as an ideal destination for international volunteering.

Furthermore, Nicaragua offers volunteers a unique experience enriched with its rich culture, peace, security and tranquility. Likewise, its lake and volcano environment adds a touch of adventure and exploration that you will surely love.

The beauty of Nicaragua is not only its landscape. The reason for its attractiveness also lies in its friendly and welcoming people. Therefore, volunteering in this country not only allows you to help, but also learn from its culture and traditions.

Social Projects in Nicaragua

What’s more, many social projects seek support from international volunteers in Nicaragua. For that reason, if you are interested in making a difference in the world and immersing yourself in a new culture, Nicaragua could be your next destination.

Likewise, volunteering in Nicaragua offers an opportunity to develop new skills and improve existing ones. Similarly, it’s also a great way to meet new people and make lasting connections.

Finally, it is important to remember that volunteering is a life-changing experience. Therefore, we encourage you to immerse yourself in this adventure and discover the beauty of Nicaragua and its people.

About Nicaragua

First of all, Nicaragua is a land full of natural and cultural wonders. This country, known internationally, is presented as an ideal destination for international volunteering.

First, Lake Nicaragua. This lake, also known as Cocibolca, is the largest in Central America. In addition, it is home to Ometepe Island, famous for its Concepción and Maderas volcanoes.

Another place to visit is Granada. This colonial city, full of history and charm, is one of the most popular destinations in Nicaragua. Its colorful streets and vibrant cultural life will captivate you.

Continuing with the list, you cannot miss visiting León. This city, known for its colonial architecture and its cathedral, is a jewel of the country. In addition, here you can climb the Cerro Negro volcano and practice sandboarding.

Tourism and culture

What’s more, you can’t miss visiting the Miraflor Natural Reserve. This place is a paradise for nature lovers. You will love its trails, waterfalls and a great diversity of fauna and flora.

Also, we recommend you visit San Juan del Sur. This coastal town is famous for its beaches and vibrant nightlife. Here you can surf or simply enjoy the sunset.

Finally, the Solentiname Archipelago is another destination that you should visit. This group of islands, located in Lake Nicaragua, are famous for their art and tranquility.

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