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Maternal and Child Volunteer Opportunities 2024

Explore the Possibilities of Volunteering in the Maternal and Child Field in 2024

Maternal and Child Volunteer Opportunities 2024: In Nicaragua, the prevalence of early pregnancy is alarming, ranking second in Latin America with 24% of pregnancies affecting adolescents. Meanwhile, sexual violence accounts for 48% of cases, with 43% directed at girls under 13 years of age.

Maternal and child volunteering offers opportunities to make a difference at the beginning of life. In 2024, the call to action. You can help the health and well-being of mothers and children around the world. From the exciting field of prenatal care to social development.

Maternal and Child Volunteer Opportunities 2024
Volunteer From Spain, nursing student with a major in Maternal and Child, carrying a newborn baby in a rural area of the City. Maternal and child program promoted by the foundation.

Maternal and Child Volunteer Opportunities 2024: International Aid in Nicaragua

First of all, we want to highlight the 2024 maternal and child volunteering opportunities that Fundación Hogar Luceros del Amanecer offers in Nicaragua. This project seeks to provide crucial support to mothers.

Your skills will strengthen the work that drives 4 main components. Primarily, attention to high-risk pregnant girls and adolescents between 12 and 16 years old. Second, help pregnant women in the City. Third, help with maternal and child actions in local hospitals. Fourth, provide training and awareness in rural educational centers to prevent early pregnancy.

Foundation Committed to the Mother and Child Cause

Also, it is essential to understand the vital role our foundation plays in improving maternal and child health in the City of Camoapa, Nicaragua.

Collaboration with local hospitals (maternal home, rural health posts) is key to our positive impact.

Maternal and Child Volunteer Opportunities 2024
Taking pregnancy ultrasound.

Frequently Asked Questions about Maternal and Child Volunteering 2024

How can I apply to volunteer and help in maternal and child care?

Fundación Hogar Luceros del Amanecer in Nicaragua offers the opportunity to volunteer in Maternal and Child in Nicaragua. Through this platform, being a Program of the Foundation itself.

They can participate in individual, group, or family volunteering, and you can register on the website:

What is the typical duration of a volunteer project in Nicaragua?

From days, weeks, months, time is defined by each volunteer. At the foundation we have no restrictions with time.

Do I need previous experience in health or maternity?

If you attend health posts or hospitals, a higher level of education is clearly required. However, in the foundation a technical level is not required. Firstly, we believe in the adventurous spirit of each volunteer and the desire to help and learn. Therefore, if you have experience in these topics you will have more advantages and share more experiences.

Maternal and Child Volunteer Opportunities 2024

What are the costs involved for volunteers?

The costs are relatively low compared to different platforms on the internet. The foundation has received hundreds of volunteers from Spain, and in some cases, the prices of different platforms are exaggerated.

Therefore, the costs:

  • 4 weeks (1 month) -> $300 USD.
  • 3 weeks -> $225 USD.
  • 2 weeks -> $150 USD.
  • Extra week -> $75 USD.

Additional: $40, directed to the foundation, to cover % payment for international and local volunteer coordination.

These prices include:

  • Accommodation in a family home, single room.
  • From Monday to Friday, breakfast and dinner at the family home.
  • Saturday and Sunday breakfast, lunch and dinner at the family home.
  • Monday to Friday lunch at the project.
  • Permanent accompaniment of local counterpart volunteer coordinator during the stay.
  • Preparatory and training prior to the trip.
  • Advice and documentation.
  • Induction and orientation to the project.
  • Mini tour of the city.

It’s not included:

  • – Air ticket.
  • – Medical insurance during your volunteering (mandatory).

Arrival: Transfer from the airport to Camoapa (Cost $70 USD).
Return: Transfer from Camoapa City to the Airport (Cost $70 USD).
Other expenses generated during the trip.


  • You can also travel by public transportation from the airport to Camoapa City where the foundation is located. Additionally, in the Communication process, you can consult more details of the public transport itinerary.
  • The cost of traveling by public transportation to the city of Camoapa is 2.5 dollars or its equivalent in córdobas 100 C$.
  • Your volunteering is completely free, the Fundación Civil Hogar Luceros del Amanecer does not charge any commission for your participation, our main interest is cooperation, receiving your solidarity work.

How is the safety of volunteers abroad ensured?

Nicaragua is a safe country, and in this year 2024, the arrival of more than 1,000,000 million foreigners for tourism and social purposes is expected. Therefore, this clearly demonstrates the safety rate. However, from the foundation there is 24/7 support, including the pick-up of volunteers at the airport by a local volunteer program agent.

What is the real impact of my participation in these projects?

With your skills we strengthen the foundation’s programs. Secondly, you help directly to the beneficiaries. In the same way, the impact depends directly on the effort itself, of each volunteer.

The highest percentage of volunteers who have participated give themselves with love, passion and heart. Therefore, its impact is seen in actions and it is not necessary to say words to see its REAL IMPACT OF PARTICIPATION.

Experiencias de Voluntariado
Volunteer experiences in rural areas of the city. From left to right Volunteers from (Argentina, Spain and Germany).

Maternal and Child Volunteer Opportunities 2024 – Join and Make a Difference

As a result, 2024 maternal and child volunteer opportunities are more than just tasks; They are the key to transforming lives. In short, join us in Nicaragua and be part of a significant change in the health of the communities most in need.

To summarize, Fundación Hogar Luceros del Amanecer has published an article with more details of the impact. Furthermore, the importance of the International Maternal and Child program in Nicaragua.

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