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Volunteering in Nicaragua

Your skills can change the world!

Volunteering in Nicaragua International, a unique experience. First of all, participating in this program will allow you to experience a rich and diverse culture. Plus, it will give you the opportunity to make a difference in the world. Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure?

What is Volunteering in Nicaragua?

Since 2004, Fundación Hogar Luceros del Amanecer in Nicaragua has promoted different social actions. And International Volunteering has played a very important role.

  • We have received more than 800 volunteers from all over the world.
  • We have agreements with various universities, especially in Spain.
  • We are available on multiple Volunteer platforms in different countries.
  • Volunteer at our foundation and help those who need it most.
Volunteering in Nicaragua

Impact of Volunteering in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, our main objective is to develop different social projects that benefit local communities. Therefore, your work as a volunteer will be essential in the execution of these projects. However, you do not need to have previous experience to participate. Instead, we look for people who are committed and willing to learn and contribute.

The Foundation, dedicated to promoting international volunteering, is looking for enthusiasts like you. Therefore, if you have skills and passion to help others, this is your opportunity. Furthermore, no matter what part of the world you come from, there will always be room for you in our projects in Nicaragua.

What does a Volunteer do in Nicaragua?

We highlight the following direct activities in which a Volunteer can perform:

  • Maternal and Child Care Program for pregnant girls and adolescents. Your skills as a nurse or general practitioner or specialist can also reach the community at large through the excellent coordination with the City’s Primary Hospital.
  • Comprehensive educational project: Aimed at more than 500 vulnerable boys and girls in the City, in rural and urban areas. Develop actions such as school reinforcement, innovation and creativity, primary and secondary education, English, computing, singing, flute, piano, sports and culture, others.

Example of volunteer activities in Nicaragua International

  • Psychology, social work: An expert in this area would be great for us. We serve hundreds of cases of boys, girls, adolescents, men and women. Remember that Nicaragua there are different cultural factors, and imminent poverty.
  • Environment: Bosque Verde Nicaragua, an environmental model in Ciudad Camoapa, reforests, raises awareness and offers natural, fruit and medicinal plants. The objective is to help nature, promote a 100% organic model.
  • Administrative actions, Projects, Management of International Cooperation, Statistics, Technology, Web and Marketing.

Do I have to pay to be an International Volunteer?

Until September 2023, at Fundación Hogar Luceros del Amanecer it was 100% free. However, as a result of reduced budgets and difficulties in finding self-financing, management has changed policies.

Starting in October 2023, the International Volunteer must pay 40 dollars. The fund is basically aimed at helping to maintain the salary of the Volunteer coordinator in Nicaragua.

You can do your own research on other international platforms, and you will be surprised that the cost to pay with us is relatively low.

Check the website to find out the expenses related to your trip as an Individual Volunteer.

Volunteering in Nicaragua
Volunteering in Nicaragua

How to volunteer in Nicaragua?

The most important thing is to be a philanthropic and humanistic person. At the Foundation, you can be a Volunteer from 1 day or more. Being over 18 years. Be interested in some of the activities in which to develop your skills.

How long does volunteering last?

The date, time and availability is decided by each Volunteer. The basic requirement of the foundation ranges from one day to the time you need to participate. Over time, Volunteers have participated for more than 2 years.

Why volunteer in Nicaragua?

Now, why should you consider volunteering in Nicaragua? What’s more, Nicaragua is a country with incredible cultural and natural diversity. Likewise, working on the Foundation’s projects will allow you to immerse yourself in this culture and contribute to its conservation.

Furthermore, volunteering in Nicaragua not only offers you the chance to make a difference. It also gives you the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Because through this experience, you will be able to acquire valuable skills, make international friends and enrich your resume.

Finally, before embarking on your trip, it is important that you prepare properly. For that reason, we have prepared some frequently asked questions that could help you:

What does it take to volunteer abroad?

  • Have time and the desire to share your skills and good heart.
  • There are different ways to travel. First, through different Volunteering platforms in your country.
  • Second, Through some University or Foundation.
    Third, connect directly with your counterpart in the destination country. It is here where we support you to travel as a Volunteer in Nicaragua. You just need to contact us and an agent will provide you with all the required information.
  • Also, you must remember that this service is 100% free.

What does your Volunteering in Nicaragua include?

  • Firstly, the unique experience of participating, connecting with people from Nicaragua, and helping change.
  • Includes a certificate of completion of Volunteering.
  • Permanent accompaniment of a local agent in all your activities.
  • We will welcome you at the airport if you decide to travel by express vehicle.
  • Periodic evaluation by the Foundation director to ensure that you feel good about your Volunteering.

Internships for foreign university students in Nicaragua

Fundación Hogar Luceros del Amanecer has signed more than 6 agreements with International Universities. The participation of Universities from Spain stands out. In recent years, 40% of the international volunteers we receive are students from different majors.

Nicaragua Volunteer Program

  • How can I apply to volunteer in Nicaragua?

Through the platform, in the register option in the lower right panel, you can provide the required data. In less than 24 business hours, a Voluntariado Nicaragua agent will contact you.

  • Do I need to speak Spanish to participate?

It is not an explicit requirement. Generally, if you do not speak Spanish, you must hire a translator or attend accompanied by a friend or family member.

The experiences lived, if you are in Nicaragua, you can be friends with another traveler who speaks Spanish and yours. Thus, being able to attend the project.

  • What type of projects are carried out in Nicaragua?

There are different actions to do in the country. From the environment, culture, sport, sea turtles, Mother and Child, Social Projects. This is where we work. We are a Non-Profit Foundation and since 2004 we have promoted the development of the most vulnerable communities.

With your skills, you can make a difference in the world!

  • What skills do I need to participate?

Be a creative, innovative, responsible person, adaptable to change and culture of Nicaragua.

  • What is the daily life of a volunteer in Nicaragua like?

It is important to highlight that it is a new experience. Every minute in the country is an adventure, the way of life, the approach, the actions of the people.

In Nicaragua, you can find economic tourism opportunities, receive acceptance from people and share real, surprising and wonderful stories.

  • What should I bring to my volunteer trip to Nicaragua?

First, check to see if the organization has any specific lists. In general, bring comfortable and durable clothing, personal hygiene products, a flashlight, first aid kit, and important documents (passport, identification, etc.). Don’t forget your enthusiasm and willingness to help.

Surely after reading this article you will feel more prepared to embark on this adventure. Remember, your skills can change the world. Join volunteering in Nicaragua and transform lives!

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